“Big Pharma” & Privilege: Or Why I Wish Allies Would Stop Using This Phrase

I’ve been wanting to say something like this for a long time! We have different diagnoses but my views on “big pharma” are the same.

Foxglove & Firmitas

(Update 1/6/16: As of today, this post has been read almost 80 thousand times.  It was originally written for the Pagan and Polytheist communities and those who regularly read my blog, but very clearly it struck a chord with a lot of people.  I’m actually still pretty shocked by that.  I have made the decision to move any more writing on disability to a new blog, Wunderkammer by C. Laurentine, which will document living life as a disabled artist and activist.  So if after reading this you decide to follow me for my writing on disability, it will be over at the new blog.  Thank you.  Thank you a million times over for reading this.  Thank you. – Camilla)

A friend posts an article on Facebook about how the United States’ medical system does not meet the needs of those with chronic pain. This is a reality that I…

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Food Babe Selling Pesticide, Coal Tar Dyes To Children

I used to use a neem based spray on my dog between his flea treatments. But I made sure that he didn’t lick the area I sprayed. Yes, I combined natural remedies with Western medicine. Oh no! Not the the chemikillz!

Source: Food Babe Selling Pesticide, Coal Tar Dyes To Children