Musings While Medicated: Leave It!

This is a “Musings While Medicated” entry. I wtite these when I am very stoned. I often get emotional when I’m blazed and I need to spill my guts to people on Facebook.

Content Warning-rape

Many rapists make the excuse “I couldn’t help myself” or “You’re too beautiful, I couldn’t stop myself” even though they’ve been told or asked to stop or otherwise been denied permission. Below you see my service dog, Max. He is laying down and displayed in front of him are several of his favorite things. A leash, a few kinds of treats, a ball, a raw bone, and frozen carrots. Max had been told to leave the items alone, thus he did until given permission to have at the treats. He didn’t do this perfectly at first, it took time. A child doesn’t either. They might take cookies from the jar or a toy from a sinling. But they can be taught. If I can teach a dog from the shelter to lay down with a bunch of his favorite things in front of him and not touch them then surely a person can learn not to touch without permission. After all, are the dogs smarter than us?



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